Bassoon: Look, Listen & Answer


Read each question below, then play the music and choose your answer – click or tap on the answer to see if you are right!

Question 1

What kind of mood do you think the bassoons represent here?

  1. a. Bored
  2. b. Cheeky
  3. c. Sad

Question 2

This music is part of an opera: it comes at the beginning of an aria. What do you think the music is about?

  1. a. The weather
  2. b. A fight
  3. c. Love

Question 3

Which member of the bassoon family is playing the solo in this piece?

  1. a. The contrabassoon
  2. b. The tenoroon
  3. c. The bassoon

Question 4

Which dance best describes the bassoon here?

  1. a. Waltz
  2. b. March
  3. c. Tango

Question 5

The bassoon is playing…

  1. a. Completely alone
  2. b. With a piano
  3. c. With an orchestra


All media credits – titles, composers, artists, sources etc. – may be found in the Teacher Sheet, accessed from the Info box at the top of this page.