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Outer Space: Gravity (with a teacher)


This activity is for classroom use. Your teacher will have further material to use alongside the clips and information below.

SECTION 1: Zero-gravity race

What do you know about gravity?

We’re going to have a ‘zero-gravity race’. With everyone in a long horizontal line, the aim of the race is to reach the other side of the room as slowly as possible, but you always have to be moving forwards – like extreme slow motion!


SECTION 2: In or bin?

It’s time to create an ideas board of musical things that we might find in a piece about space and gravity. We will then listen to a few pieces of music and decide which ones match our ideas and should be kept ‘in’ and which ones don’t and should go in the ‘bin’!

Audio 1


Audio 2


Audio 3


Audio 4

Now you’re going to see how many of our musical ideas you can remember without looking at our ideas board! Listen to this final piece of music and see how well you can describe it, trying to include as many of our original ideas as possible. It will be really impressive if you can also use the proper musical terms!

Audio 5


SECTION 3: Keep it going!

We’re going to experiment with seeing whether it is possible to keep a continuous stream of sound going round the entire class – just like the notes with a really long duration in the music we listened to earlier.


SECTION 4: Gravity composition

Now it is your turn to compose your own piece of gravity music. Use the ideas we have discussed so far and use the animation below to help you feel ‘weightless’. You might even like to move in zero gravity whilst playing your piece to encourage the right sort of sounds!


Video 1



Duration: The length of a note or rest

Legato: Music that is played smoothly without breaks between the notes

Tempo: The speed of a piece of music

Texture: The different layers or parts in a piece of music

Timbre: The tone quality or ‘colour’ of a sound


All media credits – titles, composers, artists, sources etc. – may be found in the Teacher Sheet, accessed from the Info box at the top of this page.