Strings: Look, Listen & Answer


Read each question below, then play the music and choose your answer – click or tap on the answer to see if you are right!

Question 1

In this piece, the string orchestra sounds like bees buzzing about. What is the correct term for this musical technique which is specific to string instruments?

  1. a. Tickolo
  2. b. Buzzolo
  3. c. Tremolo

Question 2

How do string players create the effect you can hear in this music?

  1. a. By plucking the strings
  2. b. By tapping the strings with the bow
  3. c. By holding their instruments upside down

Question 3

Which three instruments are playing here?

  1. a. Violin, violin, cello
  2. b. Violin, viola, cello
  3. c. Violin, cello, double bass

Question 4

Which effect is being used here?

  1. a. Glissando
  2. b. Portamento
  3. c. Harmonics

Question 5

Which of these is not connected with jazz music?

  1. a. image
  2. b. double bass
  3. c. harp


All media credits – titles, composers, artists, sources etc. – may be found in the Teacher Sheet, accessed from the Info box at the top of this page.