Violin: Look, Listen & Answer


Read each question below, then play the music and choose your answer – click or tap on the answer to see if you are right!

Question 1

What is the violinist doing in this music?

  1. a. Playing a lullaby
  2. b. Playing with another violinist
  3. c. Playing pizzicato

Question 2

Which of these is a violin?

  1. a. image
  2. b. 
  3. c. image

Question 3

What sort of piece is this, featuring a solo violin?

  1. a. Contralto
  2. b. Concerto
  3. c. Confetti

Question 4

Which word best describes the violin’s music?

  1. a. Serene
  2. b. Tuneful
  3. c. Cheeky

Question 5

This piece is about an animal – which kind of animal is it?

  1. a. Bird
  2. b. Horse
  3. c. Wolf